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Zurich is an expensive city to eat out. But there are some exceptions. We tested one of them on Saturday, January 23rd, at 1 pm.

Lily’s Factory is an Asian fusion restaurant located in 8003 Zurich, just a few steps away from the tram station Lochergut (you only have to cross the street). It’s the third restaurant run by Lily’s. In Lily’s Factory, guests can see the cooks working in the open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant. That’s quite a modern concept. The huge window front makes it a very bright place. Guests sit on wooden benches at long tables.

When we arrived at 1 pm, the restaurant was quite full, but a waiter greeted us and offered us two seats at a long table. We chose two appetizers and two main courses from the menu. There’s a big variety to choose from: soups, salads, curries, noodles and rice, wok and grill, small dishes, side orders, steamed and fried, fish and shells, sweets.



We ordered two small Tom Kha Gai soups (CHF 8.50) as appetizer. We only had to wait about five minutes to be served. The well-seasoned soup with coconut milk, chicken and lemongrass was delicious and quite copious. It filled me immediately, because it contained quite a lot of chicken.


I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala (see photo below, CHF 23.50), wich was really delicious. Freshly cooked and well-seasoned. The Indian dish is made of chicken braised in yogurt and spices, rice, cucumber and a yogurt dip. The meal is served with a slice of naam (Indian bread).

I couldn’t finish it, because the soup had been quite copious. Therefore, I asked the waiter to put the rest of the dish in a take out box.




This delicious dish (see photo below) is made of curry, coconut milk, coriander, chicken, rice, okra, mango pickles, tomatoes and onions. It is served with a slice of Naan. Price: CHF 23.50

Both main courses were served less than five minutes after the appetizer. We hadn’t finished our soup yet. I think guests would appreciate if they had at least ten minutes to eat the appetizer.


I can really recommend this place. The food is good and freshly cooked, the menus are copious. You won’t leave the restaurant feeling hungry, that’s for sure.

Lily’s Factory is open 7 days a week from 11 am to 12 pm.

Address:  Sihlfeldstrasse 58, 8003 Zurich

Phone: 044 267 34 00




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