Yolanda Di Mambro June 13, 2014 Comments Off on GRANDIÔSE, LANCÔME’S CURVED MASCARA

Curious to know what Lancôme is going to launch in September 2014? Then take a look at the beauty articles of JETSET Fashion Magazine. I’ve just had the chance to test Lancôme’s new products for fall and winter 2014 – and let me tell you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Lancôme defines Grandiôse as “a genuine avant-garde re-interpretation of mascara”. Experts of Lancôme have created a solution to solve the following problems:

1. Women have problems when applying mascara to the second eye

2. It is difficult to reach all the lashes (especially the short ones and the ones in the inner corner of the eye)

The Lancôme solution to those problems is Grandiôse, a new curved mascara. It combines a brush with high-tech bristles with a revolutionary curved stem. The so-called Swan-Neck wand is a cutting-edge design. It is short and twisted and makes it easier to apply mascara. The brush is precisely positioned along the eye contour to follow the eye’s natural architecture and access all the lashes. The bristles are seen in two sizes and are arranged like an open flower head, grasping and coating every lash from root to tip.

Grandiôse also combines ultra-black pigments for intense eyes, flexible polymers for silky long-wearing curl and native rose cells for softer lashes.

Grandiôse will be launched in Switzerland in September 2014.

Review: I’ve been testing the mascara for a few weeks now. It’s certainly a good mascara, especially for beginners or women who have difficulty to apply mascara with the right or left hand. But if you’re skilled and if you’ve been using mascaras for 15 years like me, you can opt for any of the other Lancôme mascaras.




Grandiôse, the new wide-angle fan effect Mascara by Lancôme.
Photos: Courtesy of Lancôme

Did you know that mascara is the most-used and best-loved make-up product in the world? Almost 70% of women use it 5 days a week on average.

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