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Guerlain dedicates its Exclusive Collections, and most especially Les Parisiennes, to lovers of rare fragrances. Mon précieux Nectar, L’Heure de Nuit, Mayotte, Nuit d’Amour, Mademoiselle Guerlain and Liu… These scents with evocative names, refined down to the smallest detail and composed of the finest raw ingredients, unanimously delight enthusiasts. Drawn from the House’s heritage or infused with its history , they are consummately Guerlain.

Thierry Wasser, perfumer for the House, pays homage to Parisians from the Belle Epoque who would go down to the south coast in winter.


A deliciously gourmand fig. The finest Iris Pallida. Through this gracefully beguiling pairing, Promenade des Anglais sweeps away all year long to the refined shores of the French Riviera.

Like a vibrant echo of this landscape, the Fruity Woody Floral exudes a cheerfulness and unmistakable elegance.

To bring us along on its sun-kissed jaunt, even in the depths of winter, the fragrance takes flight on the delectable, spontaneous freshness of citrus, juicy grapefruit and distinguished bergamot. The fig joyfully enters the scene, a dual delight, in turn green and lively like the freshly picked fruit and then generous and gourmand like its milky flesh. It blends with multifaceted Iris Pallida from Florence, given an even more powdery feel by the delicate violet. At the base, vetiver and vanilla gently merge to play their part in this soft and warm addiction.
Promenade des Anglais, Les Parisiennes Collection, 125ml Eau de Parfum, CHF 270. In Switzerland, Promenade des Anglais by Guerlain is exclusively available at Bon Génie Geneva and Jelmoli Zurich.

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