Hi, and welcome to JETSET Fashion Magazine. My name is Yolanda Di Mambro. I’m a Swiss fashion, beauty, lifestyle, photography and art journalist who launched this e-magazine in summer 2012. Today, JETSET Fashion Magazine has 23’300 Facebook fans and is being read in over 100 countries. It focuses on luxury fashion (haute couture and prêt-à-porter), fashion show videos and photos, exclusive interviews, fashion photography, beauty, men, shopping, stars, models, travel, and culture.

The purpose of JETSET Fashion Magazine is to make fashion accessible to everyone, regardless of social status, wealth, age and country of residence. I want everyone in the world who’s interested in fashion to watch an haute couture show just a few hours after it took place in Paris – just by clicking on my e-magazine.

I also work for Switzerland’s number one and Germany’s number four news site with a total of one million unique clients a day. For the newssite, I’ve written about 250 articles about fashion, fashion history, photography, beauty, plastic surgery, commercials, art, lifestyle, social issues and animal protection.

Thank you for reading JETSET Fashion magazine! I want you to have a good time, to watch fashion shows from Paris, Milan and New York, to get in touch with creative people, to travel online around the world and to discover new fascinating things just by clicking on my online magazine. All the best!


I’ve been an art lover all my life. Therefore, I was really honoured when I had the chance to interview JEFF KOONS in June 2012 at his first big Swiss exhibition at the Beyeler Foundation in Basel.

Interview:  http://www.20min.ch/leben/aussehen/story/11372701


My video interview with Roberto Cavalli

(Video: 20 Minuten Online)


My Recent Interview Partners


Georges Hobeika, Haute Couture Designer, Beirut & Paris

Ghass Rouzkhosh, Iranian Abstract Art Painter, Paris

Francesco Carrozzini, Italian Photographer & Film Director, New York

Zuhair Murad, Lebanese haute couture designer and favourite designer of Jennifer Lopez, Beirut & Paris
In English: http://jetsetfashionmagazine.com/wordpress/fashion/my-muse-is-half-angel-and-half-demon
In German: http://www.20min.ch/leben/aussehen/story/-Meine-Muse-ist-Engel-und-Daemon-zugleich–17467952

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Spain’s number-one designer, Madrid
In Spanish: http://jetsetfashionmagazine.com/wordpress/fashion/mi-entrevista-con-agatha-ruiz-de-la-prada
In German: http://www.20min.ch/leben/aussehen/story/-Nicolas-Hayek-war-ein-Visionaer-wie-Steve-Jobs–26797776

Roja Dove, World-renowned Perfumer & Perfume Expert, London
In English: http://jetsetfashionmagazine.com/wordpress/beauty/interview-with-roja-dove-only-50-people-in-the-world-own-my-most-precious-perfume
In German: http://www.20min.ch/leben/aussehen/story/-Am-Anfang-steht-der-Name—Fetish—-Scandal—20478528

Albert Watson, the photographer of superstars and supermodels, New York

Francis Kurkdjian, Superstar Perfumer, Paris
In German:
In French:
Part 1: http://jetsetfashionmagazine.com/wordpress/beauty/ma-maison-de-parfum-est-une-garde-robe-olfactive
Part 2: http://jetsetfashionmagazine.com/wordpress/beauty/je-me-refugiais-dans-les-bras-de-ma-mere-et-son-manteau-de-fourrure
Part 3: http://jetsetfashionmagazine.com/wordpress/beauty/lidee-de-creer-un-parfum-pour-catherine-deneuve-etait-terrifiante

Terry and Tricia Jones, founder and co-founder of i-D Magazine, London

Raynald Lehongre, International Make-up Artist Guerlain, Paris

Philipp Sahling, Founder of Sahling Düfte, Hamburg


Dr. Michel Pfulg, Swiss plastic surgeon of international renown, inventor of the soft lifting, Montreux

Victoria Christian, The World’s Most Expensive Perfume, Great Britain

Arzu Kaprol, Turkey’s Number One Fashion Designer, Istanbul

Julien Macdonald, Fashion Designer, former Creative Director of Givenchy Haute Couture, London

The Kooples, Fashion Designers, Paris

Carlos Huber, founder of the perfume brand Arquiste, former architect of Ralph Lauren, New York

The Vampire Woman (La Mujer Vampiro), Mary José Cristerna, Mexico

Olga Roh, Russian fashion designer & jetsetter, Hong Kong, Monaco, Zurich

Neto Fashion Clown, Brazil

Lena Hoscheck, Austria’s Most Successful Fashion Designer, Vienna

Sylvie Ganter & Christophe Cervasel, founders of Atelier Cologne, Paris

Enrico Bizzarro, Switzerland’s most successful hairdresser at the Fashion Weeks New York & Paris